"I have no doubt that Kelly Gay will be the drug of choice for thousands; she’s just that damn good."

— Bitten by Books

Extras & Freebies

The Extras 
  • On the For Writer's page, you'll find links to a series of writing posts I've done as well as THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS query letter with commentary from me and the literary agent who sold the book.
  • You'll also find some great links and resources for writers.
  • Please check back often as new content on writing and the business of writing will be posted.
The Freebies
  • On the Freebies page, check out the new Widget from Simon & Schuster, which features both Charlie Madigan books.
  • You'll also find info on how to get signed books, free booksmarks, and other swag-type free material. I'm hoping to have bookplates done soon as well, so stay tuned.

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