"Intricate world-building and richly complex characters mix with a fast-paced plot to create a standout start to a new series."

— Publisher's Weekly



A Charlie Madigan short story


Why did I let her talk me into this? Why, why, why? “Your mother is gonna go ape shit. Total ape shit. I’m so dead. And she won’t be swift about it, either. She’ll drag it out, enjoy it with that maniacal gleam she gets in her eyes. She’ll—”


“Rex.” Emma turned, stopping Rex in his tracks. “Focus. Mom is in Elysia for the week. She’ll never know.” Her gaze went narrow and suspicious; funny how she could do that—go from big brown-eyed innocence to shrewd and calculating. “Unless you slip up and tell her.”


“Yeah. Right. Not going to sign my own death warrant, kid.”

       But he probably already had.

       If Charlie found out he’d allowed her only child to track a kidnapper to hell of all places . . . Christ. He rubbed a hand down his sweaty face. He was in deep, deep shit...  

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